At Amarkosh, we work day and night to make sure to provide our clients with the best. We set the trends and its our constant innovation that keeps us at the top

Attention to details

Details are everything. Imagine a rose petal without the fine contouring provided by mother nature. Would seem pretty bland wouldn’t it. 

Design is all about the details. We make sure to capture them in our plush jewellery designs.

The Amarkosh Edge

Amarkosh Jewels in numbers

Designs and counting

Theres literally no limit to the number of designs we make as we are always innovating.

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Satisfied clients

We ensure client satisfaction. We need to work together to make sure we are successful.


We travel all over India and and have clients in cities like London, Dubai, Riyadh, Lagos to name a few.

Amarkosh Jewels is a power house in Jewellery design and manufacturing.

To learn more about us, either call or drop us an email.

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